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Welcome smart device user! You are one of the exclusive individuals who uses a smart device as a day-to-day tool. To meet your needs, PBS has developed our software to be compatible with this innovative technology. Watch this video to find out more about PBS Software and smart device compatibility.
Enjoy Your DMS Experience

Like most people who have gone through the DMS "process" you probably had a little snicker at that comment. The reality is at PBS we go to great lengths to ensure you do enjoy your DMS experience. This means different things to different people so here are just a few examples of what you will experience:

• A comfortable sales process – you have PBS assurance of no sales "tricks" and ethical pricing right out the gate!

• An all-inclusive software package moving you away from expensive options or the requirement of upgrades and bolt-on software

• No surprise costs – your pricing will include ALL necessary system updates

• Ongoing enhancements provided at no charge – We are not just talking about a few updates each year we are talking about your system actually growing around you!

• Your ideas becoming reality – You will actually see your ideas being incorporated into the software!

• Ongoing training included - Your success in using the system effectively makes all of us look good. For this reason you will not receive a bill when you take a refresher course or we conduct live, instructor-led training to any of your new staff.

• PBS Dealer Conference – How nice would it be to communicate directly with the Software Engineers or the PBS executive? As a PBS customer, this becomes a reality through your exclusive invitation to the Annual PBS
Dealer Conference.

The list just keeps going and of course we're supposed to say this stuff! Why not contact PBS today to determine if we can bring some joy to your DMS experience?!