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Welcome smart device user! You are one of the exclusive individuals who uses a smart device as a day-to-day tool. To meet your needs, PBS has developed our software to be compatible with this innovative technology. Watch this video to find out more about PBS Software and smart device compatibility.
Trusted Partner

PBS prides itself on working closely with our customers to create a product that is second-to-none in the industry. When a dealership chooses to go with PBS as their DMS provider, they are not only gaining a system provider. Rather, they are joining into a partnership that will continuously grow over time. PBS is always looking for feedback on the products that we provide. We have developed programs for customers that provide opportunities to be involved in future development of modules within the system. With the continuous feedback we are given, along with enhancements requests that are suggested, our team develops a product that is constantly improving. PBS encourages this partnership and understands that it has contributed to the advanced system we provide today.

Partner Program

PBS proudly works in conjunction with companies to help deliver services to our joint customers. We have developed a formal partner program to ensure that any data requirements are handled in a timely and professional manner. Please click on "Partner Program" to see a listing of the current PBS partners.

PBS Financial Systems is an Elavon Payments Partner & Registered MSP/ISO of the Canadian branch of U.S. Bank National Association and Elavon.