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Welcome smart device user! You are one of the exclusive individuals who uses a smart device as a day-to-day tool. To meet your needs, PBS has developed our software to be compatible with this innovative technology. Watch this video to find out more about PBS Software and smart device compatibility.

25 Years of Answering to Our Customers

Since 1988, PBS has been dynamic, modern, and innovative in its leading edge technology solutions. With consistent growth each year and proven results in the software it develops, PBS prides itself on being a company that has always provided reliable dealership software for over 25 years. Our experience, depth and ability to effectively listen to our customers, has contributed directly to the success of our software today. Decisions are made with the help of our customers and this development strategy has been paramount since the first customer joined the PBS family. We recognize that our success stems from the long standing relationships we have built over the 25 years with our customers.