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Welcome smart device user! You are one of the exclusive individuals who uses a smart device as a day-to-day tool. To meet your needs, PBS has developed our software to be compatible with this innovative technology. Watch this video to find out more about PBS Software and smart device compatibility.

PBS believes in a strong support system for its customers and demonstrates this through our various inclusive training options.

Global Training

These sessions are held weekly and include in-depth information on a specific module within the software.

Click here to view the global training schedule.

Dealer University

Dealer University is an online education system that will give customers access to additional learning material including how-to documents, recorded videos, and knowledge checks. These sessions can be accessed anytime, giving you the flexibility to learn at your own pace.

If you are a PBS customer, click here to login to Dealer University.

PBS TurboMeeting

Click here to connect to PBS TurboMeeting.


PBS Support - PBS is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Click here for details about our committment to supporting our customers.