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Welcome smart device user! You are one of the exclusive individuals who uses a smart device as a day-to-day tool. To meet your needs, PBS has developed our software to be compatible with this innovative technology. Watch this video to find out more about PBS Software and smart device compatibility.



Throughout the year, PBS travels around the country to host workshops for customers who are interested in learning more about the software.  Starting in 2019, we will be hosting two different ‘flavors’ of workshop. 

2019 Training Workshops

Workshop Schedule

The New to v10 Workshop is designed for the new v10 user.  Whether you are a new employee, recently installed with PBS, or upgraded from Aristo…These sessions are for you.  We cover best practices, shortcuts, and efficiencies all revolving around the basic day-to-day operations of Parts, Service, Sales and Accounting.

Our Advanced v10 Workshops go in-depth into system setups, getting the most of the DMS, and discussing some of the amazing features that are either recently added or often under utilized.  We discuss how to implement these unique features, how to best guide your staff through system procedural change and encourage dealer-to-dealer sharing of proven best practices.  These sessions are for the more seasoned v10 user – We strongly encourage attendance from any Master Users, or Department Managers looking to improve system utilization.

Upcoming workshops

New to v10 Workshop (MILTON, ON)

November 5 – November 6, 2019 - Register Today!